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Coventry Peace Tree installation, Coventry Peace Festival 2015

I wanted to explore the situation of total war [in which civilians become legitimate targets for military forces]  through the tree as a representation of positivie growth and change in an indeterminate state by materials of burnt wood suggesting both scorched earth policy of blanket bombing in residential areas of Coventry alongside industrial zones [as part of the war effort] contrasted  fresh growth of feathers, their lack of weight belying the power of flight and how aeroplanes can seem like sublime machines while also delivering death from above. Their is both a gravity and a lightness that suggests both strength and innocence – but any romance is removed from the situation in the context of the misuse of power to deliver retaliative attacks that were effectively prolonging and exacerbating acts of genocide legitimised within the context of wartime which they only served to lengthen

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Photography featured in Foxhole magazine, Paper and Ink zine and Crap Towns II (Funeaton)

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