NIN – Excerpt – CLOSER

A brief excerpt from my forthcoming book on Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral – Into The Never [October 2019]  [CLOSER] At once, the most chart-friendly and overtly controversial single from The Downward Spiral, “Closer” is a hymn to the joy of sex, by way of sado-masochistic self-flagellation; while continuing to explore the deepening loathing of the album’sContinue reading “NIN – Excerpt – CLOSER”

REVIEW – Shard Cinema – Evan Calder Williams

  New review up on Hong Kong Review of Books Shard Cinema charts the brief history of glass as the ultimate liminal material and how the spectacle of the screen has increasingly become the lens through which we view the world. The author, Evan Calder Williams argues that while the vista of the cinema screen broughtContinue reading “REVIEW – Shard Cinema – Evan Calder Williams”

READ – Politics of The Asylum – NEW Extract

The good folks of Dostoyevsky Wannabe have featured a couple of brief extracts from my novel, Politics of The Asylum, on their Swimmers Club website which promotes author’s new work! The Odour of Sanity That brown water stinks, there’s me all dog-breathed wandering. There’s a RUSH – finally – well done! Goodnight Mr Beam, weContinue reading “READ – Politics of The Asylum – NEW Extract”

The City of Tomorrow – Today!

Why can’t Coventry have nice things? It’s a question asked time and time again, especially when nice things seem to be so easily taken away. The city gets so much flak and it’s best qualities are often overlooked, and sometimes wilfully crushed. The impending City of Culture 2021 award is not for developers, big businessContinue reading “The City of Tomorrow – Today!”