I am a writer  of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and journalism.

I have worked in publishing as a production manager of fine art books and as a director of Silhouette Press. I also manage creative projects, such as the poetry-film project, Disappear Here. In artistic work such as photography and image manipulation, I am interested in interrogations of physical and mental space within the built environment and its limits.

My first novel Politics of The Asylum is about a hospital in decline told from the perspective of a cleaner.

My first non-fiction book, Into The Never, is published in 2019, it explores the philosophical ideas behind Nine Inch Nails’ seminal 1994 album, The Downward Spiral, and its wider cultural impact.

My creative writing work appears in the following publications:

Low Light Magazine, L’Ephemere Review, The Arsonist, Glove zine, Anti-Heroin Chic, The Bohemyth, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Rockland Lit, Proletarian Poetry, The Next Review, Fractured Nuance zine. BoscRev: 4, The Weary Blues, The Stare’s Nest, ShoutOut UK, 3:AM, The Cadaverine, Spontaneity, Abridged 0-13, The Literateur, Nostrovia! SquawkBack, NOUS. Anthologies: Interpal – Palestine Verses, Fugue 1 (Siren Press), Poems Underwater, Stepaway – Voicewalks (Durham University).

I have written articles for the following: Hong Kong Review of Books, Burning House Press [The Arsonist], Low Light magazine.

Twitter: @BurndtOutWard

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