Politics of The Asylum

PoTA is Adam’s first novel, it deals with the state of decline within the NHS as it is slowly destroyed by the Government and death of affect takes hold.



Nathan Finewax is a cleaner in a hospital steadily falling apart. He’s working on a ward where staff cheat, lie and steal to get ahead, where targets, death tolls and finance overrule patient care, and every day the same mistakes are repeated in a seemingly unstoppable wave of failures. Nathan is sucked deeper into the hospital routine as he dreams of escape, trying to avoid one day becoming a patient himself in this house of horrors. Based on the author’s experience working in the NHS, Politics of the Asylum is a nightmare vision of the modern healthcare system. Adam Steiner’s challenging debut is a novel for our times, and an emotive and highly original story of people trying to do more than simply exist.

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The prose itself is key to the novel’s success. Its flow of imagery and definite rhythm, short chapters but dense paragraphs, broken sentences, words that tumble down the page.

-Leo Cookman, Hong Kong Review of Books

There are many derelicts, their friends and families who will be glad of Steiner’s care and attention to detail, indeed to his writing this book in the first place. He has the rare ability to remain objective, with care and attention, to terrible truths which many would rather ignore.

-Dan Duggan, Luxury of the Dispossessed

The asylum is the hospital through which all life flows, and the patient is a broken, traumatised and fractured Britain. Steiner’s poetic narrative is dense with imagery and reference, driving this intense state of the nation novel forward with passion and intensity.

-Thom Cuell, Minor Literature[s]

Steiner brilliantly describes an NHS blitzed by bureaucracy, ‘sanitised’ to the point of insanity, pulverised by political manipulations. This state-of-the-nation novel shows how a Government’s privatisation dream has become England’s nightmare.

-Guy Mankowski, An Honest Deceit