One evening I sat Beauty on my knees – I found her bitter – And I reviled herArthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell On Reptile, Trent Reznor reveals the ugliest side of his persona, wounded by broken relationships he treads a crooked line between misogyny, body horror and a burning hatred for Courtney Love.  IfContinue reading “REPTILE: REZNOR, BEAUTY, AND SELF (COURTNEY) LOVE”

[Heavy Metal Therapy] – Standing At The Edge – Mental Health and Catharsis on The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral is commonly acknowledged as a challenging, bleak, and sometimes depressing album. Its lyrics speak of pain and misery while its music is angry and defiant; with the album’s narrator often switching sides in this disorientating push and pull of emotions. It is hard to say why the alternative and metal fans identifiedContinue reading “[Heavy Metal Therapy] – Standing At The Edge – Mental Health and Catharsis on The Downward Spiral”

How Pretty Hate Machine and Broken created The Downward Spiral

Pretty Hate Machine was released on 20 October 1989 – notable as Nine Inch Nails first album – it was also the meeting point between synth-pop, industrial music, rock, merging into alternative metal and electronica.

WE ARE ALL PIGS. Woodstock 1994 – Nine Inch Nails Go Overground

Fast forward a few years and Trent Reznor hit the road again, revitalized following the critical reception of The Downward Spiral released in April of 1994, Nine Inch Nails entered the stage of Woodstock in that same year like returning heroes. It was with album track, “March Of The Pigs” that Reznor coined perhaps the ultimate festival anthem, its portent of self-abasement, of filth and glorious degradation, would be fulfilled by their performance at Woodstock 1994.