Politics of The Asylum – ONE WEEK to Release! 8/3/2018

Politics of The Asylum will be released in one week…

The book is available to pre-order now!

Information on readings – coming soon.

Peel back them suicide doors with the ghost-town approach, relearning all that’s been left behind (to forget). A place without name, here’s boarded-up strip that seems to rise so familiar; a grin of shattered teeth in red-brick fading grey. See newspapers streak trees, shot in comets of torn words, worn leaves litter the denervated stumps, where small feet wandered from the path tracing new arteries, breaking rain in the mud.

At the warped door frame there’s that sense of putting pain in a stranger. Crying hard now, never knowing who or what hit; a flash of cruelty at close quarters, but never one of mine – I think. Shake it off. As lancet fingers pick at flesh still quivering and ripe for the blade, but not yet ready for laughing gas. Electric doors clunk apart, juddering open. Push, pull, hold for a few vital seconds then jump on through…




You can buy the book here – https://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Adam-Steiner/The-Politics-of-the-Asylum/21795411

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