READ – Politics of The Asylum – NEW Extract

The good folks of Dostoyevsky Wannabe have featured a couple of brief extracts from my novel, Politics of The Asylum, on their Swimmers Club website which promotes author’s new work! The Odour of Sanity That brown water stinks, there’s me all dog-breathed wandering. There’s a RUSH – finally – well done! Goodnight Mr Beam, weContinue reading “READ – Politics of The Asylum – NEW Extract”

How To Save The NHS

A blog post produced in cooperation with the good folks at Hong Kong Review of Books – How To Save the NHS – written of the back of a contribution to Tactical Voting – a guide to voting in the snap election of 2017. The majority of humans have always accepted that the right toContinue reading “How To Save The NHS”

Politics of The Asylum – ONE WEEK to Release! 8/3/2018

Politics of The Asylum will be released in one week… The book is available to pre-order now! Information on readings – coming soon. Peel back them suicide doors with the ghost-town approach, relearning all that’s been left behind (to forget). A place without name, here’s boarded-up strip that seems to rise so familiar; a grinContinue reading “Politics of The Asylum – ONE WEEK to Release! 8/3/2018”

Politics of The Asylum – one month to launch!

My novel about the NHS, Politics of The Asylum is released on 8/3/2018. Here is the first chapter of the book for anyone interested in a preview. Creatio ex Nihilo I intensify atoms. With every step, every breath between pause, a rushing haze of red water flicks –to remind me– there’s that ugly taste onContinue reading “Politics of The Asylum – one month to launch!”