How To Save The NHS

A blog post produced in cooperation with the good folks at Hong Kong Review of Books – How To Save the NHS – written of the back of a contribution to Tactical Voting – a guide to voting in the snap election of 2017. The majority of humans have always accepted that the right toContinue reading “How To Save The NHS”

Politics of The Asylum – ONE WEEK to Release! 8/3/2018

Politics of The Asylum will be released in one week… The book is available to pre-order now! Information on readings – coming soon. Peel back them suicide doors with the ghost-town approach, relearning all that’s been left behind (to forget). A place without name, here’s boarded-up strip that seems to rise so familiar; a grinContinue reading “Politics of The Asylum – ONE WEEK to Release! 8/3/2018”

Politics of The Asylum – one month to launch!

My novel about the NHS, Politics of The Asylum is released on 8/3/2018. Here is the first chapter of the book for anyone interested in a preview. Creatio ex Nihilo I intensify atoms. With every step, every breath between pause, a rushing haze of red water flicks –to remind me– there’s that ugly taste onContinue reading “Politics of The Asylum – one month to launch!”