INTERVIEW – Glenn Hendler on David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs

Glenn Hendler is the author of a 33 1/3  book on David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album. This interview follows on from my initial Bowie book research; where I was able to ask Glenn about his listening experiences of Scary Monsters and his thoughts on crime, terror and thwarted love across Bowie’s discography.


In astronomy we allow for the shift of light years to bring images of stars and planets to us long after they have faded and completely disappeared from our little universe. We witness these events of the past as if they were occurring in the present day but really we are catching the aftermath of their glow – having drifted beyond the half-way point of their explosive birth. So it has been with future-history of David Bowie, the original pop starman whose birthday it is today (the same day, though not the year, as the original king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley 8/1/1935) begging the question – where is his legacy now?