INTERVIEW – Glenn Hendler on David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs

Glenn Hendler is the author of a 33 1/3  book on David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album. This interview follows on from my initial Bowie book research; where I was able to ask Glenn about his listening experiences of Scary Monsters and his thoughts on crime, terror and thwarted love across Bowie’s discography.


Masayoshi Sukita is a Japanese photographer, renowned for his rock and roll photography and his long and enduring friendship with David Bowie. As part of the research for my new book Silhouettes And Shadows, a deep dive into Bowie’s Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), I spoke to Sukita about the story behind his photographs that feature in the book.


I first discovered Leah Kardos music and writing during my research for Silhouettes And Shadows – particularly her book Blackstar Theory: The Last Works of David Bowie (2022) and her blog post on Scary Monsters. This interview is a record of our discussion, from Leah’s first encounter with Bowie’s music, working through his back catalogue and how she experiences his albums now.