The City of Tomorrow – Today!

Why can’t Coventry have nice things? It’s a question asked time and time again, especially when nice things seem to be so easily taken away. The city gets so much flak and it’s best qualities are often overlooked, and sometimes wilfully crushed. The impending City of Culture 2021 award is not for developers, big businessContinue reading “The City of Tomorrow – Today!”

Politics of The Asylum – one month to launch!

My novel about the NHS, Politics of The Asylum is released on 8/3/2018. Here is the first chapter of the book for anyone interested in a preview. Creatio ex Nihilo I intensify atoms. With every step, every breath between pause, a rushing haze of red water flicks –to remind me– there’s that ugly taste onContinue reading “Politics of The Asylum – one month to launch!”